Your journey of discovery

Take your career to new heights when you study at the Academy of Learning. Join our National Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering (Pre-employment Skills) Programme at either our Auckland or Christchurch learning bases and set yourself up for a lifelong career in aviation.

Course Fees 2025 TBC ($11,000.00 APPROX) plus course related costs (approx $450.00)  Eligibility Fees Free/Studylink.


Why choose us

Aviation Professionals

The Learning Delivery Team at the Academy of Learning are all seasoned industry professionals who have spent most of their career in relevent industry roles.

Airline Learning Base

Our students learn in the same facilities with the same learning delivery professionals as Air New Zealand's own professionals. Close proximity to the operational environment transfers to our programmes, ensuring they are best fit for industry.

In addition to learning from industry professionals, the opportunities to network with a wide range of aviation personnel are unparalleled. 
Hands on

A real world learning environment, where you are connected to a 24/7 world class airline. Learning focuses on what’s happening and what it takes in the real world of aviation right now.

Student information

Student Handbook
Once your enrolment has been confirmed, you will be sent the latest copy of the Student Handbook. This will include all the key information that you require for your time as a student with us.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

The Air New Zealand Academy of Learning is a registered and accredited Private Training Establishment with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. 


Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance Traineeship

Each year Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance employ a number of trainees to meet its future aircraft maintenance engineer requirements in Auckland and Christchurch. 
Selection for these sought after positions are made from graduates of the Academy of Learning's New Zealand Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering.   Other employers of graduates include Christchurch Engine Centre, Salus Aviation, Field Air, RNZDF, Hamilton Jet, Airbus, TerraCat, Rocket Lab & Dawn Aerospace.

Success stories

Daniel Cornwall - RNZAF

'...I found the course to be very enjoyable and it helped me learn a whole lot about the industry of which I had zero experience in. This then helped me to decide what paths I wanted to head down and kick started my career in aviation. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their subjects, and also provided a lot of guidance for when it came to job hunting. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to get started in the Aviation industry, and you end up with some good mates along the way too."

Joel Tomasi - Canterbury Aero Club/IAANZ

"During the 36 week course, I gained knowledge and hand skills that prepared me for the next step in becoming an Aircraft Engineer. With world class facilities and passionate tutors, my learning experience was second to none. The subjects covered, both theory and practical, were structured in an effective way that made learning not only fun but captivating. I would highly recommend Air New Zealand Academy of Learning to anyone looking to pursue a career in Aircraft Engineering.

Mekdim Tesfaye - Air New Zealand Trainee

My time at the Air New Zealand Academy of Learning was both exciting and challenging. I found that the engineering skills and knowledge I gained was not only useful in the aviation industry but could also be adapted to a wide range of other industries.

Oliver Compton - Air New Zealand Trainee

Firstly, I’d just like to highlight that being part of an organisation that train’s it’s own people and invests in their future from day one is something extraordinary. If you’re considering joining the Academy of Learmning for your studies, in my opinion there is no competition when it comes to beginning your exciting career in Aviation. The people I met and spent time with through my course, I would consider lifelong friends and the support from instructors has continued right through into my traineeship.

Most if not all things in life are a result of the environment that you put yourself in and your attitude. The instructors went over and above to ensure I was on the right track and I feel it is this that I appreciate most. The training and guidance I received from the Academy of Learning geared me well for the job interview and subsequent full time traineeship I find myself in now.

I have no hesitation in the advocacy of the Air New Zealand Academy of Learning, for it is hands down the best place to start for not only the world of opportunity that is Air New Zealand, but any aviation based career.

Scott Samuels - Air New Zealand Aircraft Engineer

The Academy of Learning was an excellent experience for me. The Instructors are second to none, combining their personal industry knowledge with the learning syllabus, as well as having access to aircraft onsite made for a really fun hands on learning environment. Being able to disassemble, inspect and reassemble a functioning air cooled engine was a highlight for me, as well as working in teams with my peers who become great friends over the course duration. I've been able to apply a lot of the things I learnt over the course in the industry and feel it was an awesome foundation to prepare me for my traineeship and building my career.

Tengku "Ika" Zulaikha - Air New Zealand Trainee
My best reasons for recommending the program are the experience of the instructors, the diversity of the students and the quality of the course materials as well as the training aids. I can honestly say that I have gained more knowledge and skills than I expected when I first enrolled. While the curriculum of program is not easy, it is structured very well, not only to introduce students to the aviation industry but also to prepare them for the work environment.
Tyler Nelson - Air New Zealand Aircraft Engineer

My time at the Academy of Learning was an adventure. The course covered a wide variety of topics and each has helped me to progress further with my career at Air New Zealand. The instructors were professional and knew their topics with extensive experience including some shared funny moments. Above all I found them very helpful and encouraging. My group was a mix of international and domestic students and I made many friends that I still keep in contact with all over the world and at home. During the course, your group becomes like a family away from home and I can honestly say that it was one of the best families you could wish for. Without my time at the Academy of Learning, I would not be in my current position at Air New Zealand and I would not be the person I am without it.