NZ Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering

New Zealand Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering (Pre-employment Skills) - Level 3


Auckland & Christchurch Bases


Full time study option only. Theory classroom mixed with practical training in aviation workshops and hangar supported by industry visits to operational aircraft maintenance facilities.


36 training weeks, normally conducted over 39 weeks with two 1 week semester breaks.

Class Times:

Auckland: Monday - Friday 08:00-15:00

Christchurch: Monday - Friday 08:00-15:00


New Zealand Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering (Pre-employment skills) Level 3. 

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Pre Requisite:

Domestic Students 
17 years of age
Placement Test (Maths/Physics/English)
Placement Test Practice Questions


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Module Structure

Subject Days
PE3201 Induction 3
PE3202 Safe Working Practices 3
PE3203 Theory of Flight and Introduction to Aircraft Systems 8
PE3204 Maintenance Fundamentals, Publications and Drawings 5
PE3205 Tools and Equipment 24
PE3206 Direct Current (DC) Theory 6
PE3207 Electrical Practical 10
PE3208 Mechanical Systems 18
PE3209 DC Systems 5
PE3210 Inspection Techniques 4
PE3211 Maintenance Practices 8
PE3212 Structures 20
PE3213 Alternating Current (AC) Theory 4
PE3214 Reciprocating Engines 8
PE3215 Component Overhaul 10
PE3216 AC Systems 5
PE3217 Gas Turbine Engines 11
PE3218 Aviation Law, Quality and Procedures 3
PE3219 Avionic Systems 6
PE3220 Composites 4
PE3221 Human Factors 6
PE3222 Aircraft Inspection, Servicing and Handling 9